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We provide ERP services to Defence, Security, Private and Public Enterprises.


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DAS Consulting Australia Pty Ltd

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Foundation services such as power generation (electricity, coal, hydro, solar), water and sewerage, oil and gas, and public transport (bus, rail) are the backbone of society.


Upgrading these systems in real time, while continuing to provide these essential services is a complex, and layered task. DAS Consulting can assist in the smooth implementation of your investment into infrastructure to meet the growing expectations of stakeholders, and maintain security of supply.



With detailed IT expertise and asset intensive industry knowledge to both government and private sector organisations, DAS Consulting ensures that the solution being implemented is the right one for your business. 


Without appropriate business systems in place, your business could be exposed to budget allocation challenges, inaccurate asset counts, and inappropriate maintenance and repair cost control.


Although Government controlled organisations have different goals and methods of operating than private enterprise, lessons from private enterprise can be applied to public enterprise for more efficient and effective management of physical assets.


With end to end solutions supporting the entire mine, or plant lifecycle through feasibility, construction and operation, DAS Consulting and ERP solutions offers unparalleled depth of functionality built for usability and low total cost of ownership.


With support for multi-site, multi-language and multi-currency, DAS Consulting offers mine and plant operators and mining services providers a consistent enterprise platform across their international business and diverse workforce.


From evaluating opportunities to solving hidden productivity challenges, we help improve performance across the mining and plant lifecycle.


As specialists, we use our global knowledge and innovative technologies to prepare operations by digitally transforming business processes quickly and efficiently to create value for business.


DAS Consulting is a leader in Defence support and operational requirements using ERP software. Solutions for Defence contractors and operational requirements provide end-to-end software that empowers total through-life availability and efficiency maximisation.


Defence organisations and the military need software with a 360-degree command level view of processes, performance and value chains in order to:


  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Optimise maintenance processes, resource planning, forecasting and maintenance visits
  • Improve use of facility capacity
  • Improve financial performance
  • Remain compliant with international operating standards
  • Optimise a scarce and expensive military and civilian workforce
  • Implement best practice supply chain processes


DAS Consulting delivers military logistics solutions that enable an integrated approach to strategic planning of support, logistics operations, and effective maintenance of military assets. This includes fleet and asset management, maintenance repair and overhaul, acquisition, storage, distribution, disposal and resource planning, all within a single Defence and Security solution.

DAS Consulting provides customised ERP solutions to a variety of different industries


Different industries have different challenges when implementing their ERP solution. Public, private, aviation, defence, utilities, or transport, DAS Consulting work with you to provide the customised solution for your organisation.

DAS Consulting provides customised SAP solutions to a variety of different industries


Although every business is unique, we find that businesses in the same industry typically have common needs and problems and are often seeking similar outcomes.

DAS Consulting