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We provide ERP services to Defence, Security, Private and Public Enterprises.

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Level 1, The Realm, 18 National Circuit

Barton  ACT  2600


DAS Consulting Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 90 1514 061 47

+61 2 6198 3269

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Whether it is road, rail, ports, or infrastructure, DAS Consulting delivers tailored solutions through design, licensing, implementation, infrastructure, and application management.


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DAS Consulting is a leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. Our functional and technical experts collaborate closely with you throughout your ERP journey by focusing on your specific industry and your unique business needs.

Public and Private

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DAS Consulting can manage integrated project, asset, and service management functionality within a core ERP platform which is critical to mining and industry organisations challenging for market leadership.

Resources Industries

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Defence and Security software must enable defence contractors, and the military, to operate effectively within a challenging landscape of budget scrutiny, increased regulatory requirements, increasingly complex fleets of equipment, scarce resources, complex IT landscapes and demanding operational tasking.

Aerospace, Defence and Defence Industry

At DAS Consulting, we understand that there is a compelling reason behind your digital transformation. Whatever that reason is, we are here to support your change journey. Achieving your transformation targets is what gives us satisfaction.


Our ERP consultants and specialists have been in business before they mastered ERP as practitioners of lines of business, in a variety of industries, and in several countries.


We offer services in:


Project Management | Solutions ArchitectureFunctional ConsultingChange ManagementTraining and Learning | Implementation Services | Mobility Solutions

Your ERP solutions are only as good as the people providing them

Digital Transformation with ERP

ERP Implementation

Aerospace, Defence and Defence Industry

Resource Industries

Private and Public


DAS Consulting