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Answering your challenge with your solution

DAS Consulting is a leading Australian ERP systems provider, combining innovation with insight to deliver to their customers a robust solution in a cost-effective way. Our functional and technical experts collaborate closely with you throughout your journey. Focusing on your specific industry and your unique needs, we drive value and results through design, licensing, implementation, infrastructure, and application management.


DAS Consulting works with you to make sure you can fully leverage ERP technology so that your business is transformed, by leveraging our domain knowledge of different industries and the expertise of our technology and business partners.


Talk with us on how we can work with you to accelerate your transformation.


Your solution is only as good as the people providing it


Business Transformation is what ERP implementations are about. Our people have many years of experience in their domain of business expertise as well as ERP projects to provide expert guidance for your best achievable solution.  The DAS Consulting Management Team is here to support your project management team while your business moves forward with its transformation.

Comprehensive industry experience


DAS Consulting has accumulated many years of experience in Energy and Natural Resources, Discrete Industries, Service, and Public Service Industries and we are comfortable working in big projects, or small teams. Our current industry specialisation is with SAP's Defence, Security, and Aerospace - including S/4HANA DFPS.


DAS Consulting is a licensed partner of iSEC7 mobility/GIS and Baton Simulation training. This allows us to provide solutions that streamline complicated and inefficient asset data collection procedures and provide our clients with business efficiencies and significant improvement in maintenance practices to reduce maintenance unit costs and increase asset reliability. 

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DAS Consulting Australia Pty Ltd

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We provide ERP services to Defence, Security, Private and Public Enterprises.


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