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If I don’t have a system built, how do I experience what it can do?ERPsim™ is the only business simulation to run on a live SAP system. SAP technology mixed with gaming technology enables teams to compete against each other – only one team wins, but everyone gets to experience SAP.

ERP SIM Baton Simulations

DAS helps overcome the most common digital adoption challenges


The Digital Acceleration System (DAS) installs simply into SAP to provide in-app, omni channel functionality.


Access your learning and education, collaboration, communication, guiders, and assistance from the device you are using for SAP.


• Reduce travel to courses

• Avoid waiting for course scheduling

• Users up and running rapidly

• Always up to date content

DAS Digital Acceleration Solutions

Create momentum with ERPsim™ | Maintain momentum with DAS | Succeed by creating alignment


Maximize ROI of technology investments


Well-implemented technology is a powerful tool in digital transformation. 

These solutions help you maximize return on your investment in enterprise software by helping people see its value and accelerating adoption.

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