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Business or Digital transformation can require significant change to your business to realise significant benefits. Whatever you call your transformation, it will still fundamentally rely on human aspects to effect the change – and most importantly to accept the change.


Building Business and SAP Mastery


How can you understand what SAP S/4HANA can deliver to your business? ERPSimâ„¢ is the solution. In teams of 3 to 4, each participant plays one or more roles so that all business activities are covered. Teams manage a live business, competing against other teams to gain a competitive advantage and amass the most profit.



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Business Systems Analysis


Business Analysts and Business Systems Analysts work closely together to define the resolutions of business problems or performance improvement.


Like the difference between business and digital transformation, the systems analyst is concerned with high-level systems design thus more inclined to seek technical requirements to support the implementation of a system.


The output of the analysts work defines the change to be managed and the basis of the detailed design the functional consultants will perform.





Organisational Change Management (OCM)


Transformation of any business is a significant challenge, and the internet is littered with failures in these endeavours.


Much of what Organisational Change Management (OCM) efforts do is intangible, save for the constant communications. It is probable more effort goes into the digital components of transformation, with less thought of how human aspects effect the change, and therefore your chance of success.


Organisational change management (OCM) is a framework driven by methodology that manages the effect of new business processes, changes in organisational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise. Simply put, OCM addresses the people side of change management by altering the culture to accept the change.

14 February 2020


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