14 February 2020



Occupational Change (OCR) and Organisational Change Management (OCM)


Managing occupational change (OCR) from an early stage in the process of a project is pivotal to the project’s overall success.  OCR change in a project can start as a generic body of knowledge that is applicable across the board, but its only when it is contextualised to the specific culture of the enterprise does change occur.


The Organisational Change Management (OCM) Strategy defines the methodology, framework, approach, measurement, and deliverables involved in successfully transitioning users to either new or enhanced ERP or ICT platforms. OCM can also be contribute to risk mitigation by aligning the appetite for organisational change with the change being promoted in system design. This approach improves acceptance of new systems because an organisation can balance acceptance of change with the outcomes they desire.

Business Analysis


Our Business analysts come from a strong business background, and have had five to twenty years experience in business processes and procedures.


Change management using SAP is a core specialty of DAS Consulting. Managing the potential conflicts between the organisation's revenue position, current and required efficiencies, and organisational culture can be challenging but is an essential part of project success.


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