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Decoding the Dynamics of SAP ERP Simulation: Navigating Strategic Choices and Business Insights

DAS Consulting ERP sim multiple use cases

The utilisation of an SAP ERP business simulator such as ERPsim™ is primarily driven by two key objectives:


Introduction to a New Platform or Component Exposure

Employed to familiarise personnel with a new platform or expose them to a new component within an existing ERP structure. This could be used as a part of project planning for your project teams, or as a part of the pre-post live rollout for your centres of influence.


Leadership Training and Strategic Change Acceleration

Applied to engage and apply complex leadership training, fostering accelerated strategic change within an existing workforce.


Determining the appropriate ERPsim™ for your business can be a nuanced decision. One must consider whether to align with familiar processes or leverage the disruptive potential of exposing individuals to enterprise processes beyond their technical expertise.


The choice might depend on specific goals. For instance:


Platform Rollout

 If introducing a new platform, maintaining focus within expertise areas might be chosen to enhance understanding and comfort.


Cross-Functional Understanding

Alternatively, exposing individuals to areas outside their expertise might be preferred to cultivate a holistic understanding of enterprise processes.


Post-platform rollout, ERPsim™ sessions can be utilised to push individuals out of their comfort zones. This serves as a vehicle for leadership training and team building.


The distinctive feature of ERP simulators lies in participants witnessing the interaction of core enterprise processes at a high level. Each participant gains firsthand insights into the interdependence of these processes, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of enterprise operations.


While this article doesn't provide exhaustive answers, it initiates a discussion on the ERPsim™ products offered by DASC, including simulations tailored for the Public Sector, Logistics, Distribution, Manufacturing, Enterprise Asset Management, and Sustainability.


Each simulator serves specific business needs, from enhancing team communication and coherence to providing hands-on experience for decision-makers considering SAP ERP solutions.


Contact us at www.dasconsulting.com.au to arrange a test drive, or discuss your business needs further.

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