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ERP - Why not Learn through Simulation?

ERP Why not learn through simulation

Business publications like CIO Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes, are replete with dramatic stories of ERP implementation failure, multi-year delays, and massive cost overruns. According to McKinsey, 70% of large-scale change programs (e.g. SAP ERP implementation) fall prey to a common set of pitfalls that include but are not limited to:


  • Lack of employee engagement,
  • Inadequate management support,
  • Poor cross-functional collaboration,
  • Lack of accountability, and
  • Inability to change mind-sets and behaviours


If failure is the norm, implementing SAP seems a risky move for any organisation or career-conscious individual. And yet, some organisations succeed at digital transformation (and enjoy enormous rewards) - why?


Companies that successfully transform are those that take a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach comprising both the “what” (independent diligence, planning, implementation) and the “how” (people, processes, tools).


For transformations involving SAP enterprise systems, we determined through research and experience that the best way to turn resistance into support is by enabling people to have a personal experience of transformation, using the system itself.


Imitating and modelling the processes of SAP through Simulation facilitates Learning and Education at an individual level as experience is the best form of persuasion as no amount of telling or showing work, only doing works.


Simulation is used widely across many industries, in applications such as:


  • Manufacturing
  • Construction engineering
  • Military applications
  • Logistic Supply chain and distribution
  • Transport and traffic applications
  • Aerospace
  • Health care
  • Learning and education
  • Business process simulation


Two advantages of simulation are "Compression of Time" in the simulation, and the ability to simulate without interfering with Productive Systems. The Compression of Time enables you to complete simulation of lengthy business processes much quicker than they would take in real time, allowing you to explore the end-to-end process. The ability to simulate these processes will allow teams to navigate real life scenarios without interfering with Productive Systems. For example, imagine being able to simulate a disaster relief scenario without actually having the disaster!


Baton Simulations’ ERPsim™ showcases processes in SAP S/4HANA combined with gamification to allow participants in small groups to manage a virtual company, and to experience for themselves end-to-end process integration in a realistic business environment. A business simulation that runs on a live SAP S/4HANA system, ERPsim™ makes people active participants in a “mini” transformation by pitting teams against each other in the race to drive maximum value in their (fictional) organisations.


Learning the software is a natural by-product of the process. The main objective of ERPsim™ is to create a series of epiphanies in people and teams about the value of transformation and the central role of ERP. As participants use SAP S/4HANA to accomplish their goals, experimenting and adapting along the way, the power of collaboration, communication, and end-to-end process integration becomes real to them. Reflecting on their experience individually and as a team, participants will draw parallels between their simulation experience and performance, and their work experience and performance.


Who is Baton Simulations?


Originally founded in Australia, but now headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Baton Simulations commercialised ERPsim™ which was invented at University of Montreal HEC. DAS Consulting Australia utilise ERPsim™ to upskill staff in upcoming and current changes to SAP ERP.

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