06 July 2020

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2020 will be one of those years that make, or break, businesses.  Organisations that have been able to pivot their core business functions, or take advantage of their competitors inability to quickly adapt, will survive the pandemic shock, and may even go on to flourish.  This year is an example of why agility in business is the most important competitive advantage that a company can have. 


Efficiency is no longer just ensuring the appropriate amount of toilet paper is being used, it is also the ability of your human resources to identify and maximise time savings of an organisation's information systems.  Adaptability is no longer just being able to move with the trends, but also the ability for an organisation to completely stop their core function, pivot, and either maintain their presence, or cut into a new market effectively.  


It is no secret that the level of connectivity that is demanded by clients, customers, and other stakeholders is higher than ever.  Being responsive in real time is no longer a quality that businesses can opt in, or out of, on whim.  It is what will give you the edge over your competitors and ensure survival when markets change. 


By combining the abilities of being efficient, adaptable, and responsive, you have the hallmarks of an agile business. 


If agility is something that your business is lacking, then call us on (02) 6198 3269 to discuss what your options might be with SAP Solutions. 

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