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Navigating the Complexities of Master Data Management in ERP Implementations with DAS Consulting

DAS Consulting Master Data Management

SAP, renowned for its robust methodologies, serves as a guiding force for project teams, leading them through intricate implementation processes to meet the diverse needs of clients.


However, for many clients and their staff, an ERP project can be the most complex event they've ever experienced. The stakes are high, as clients understandably aim to avoid the need for multiple ERP projects in their organisational journey.

At the heart of any successful ERP project lie two imperatives: training and master data management. "Train early, reinforce often" is a mantra we uphold at DASC. Early training, continuously reinforced, not only empowers staff but also mitigates the challenges associated with adjusting to new processes and systems.

Moreover, our experience has taught us that it's never too early to start managing master data. In ERP, data is the backbone, and early attention to master data is crucial for smooth project execution. Waiting until later in the project often leads to complications and inefficiencies.

DASC specialises in solutions involving logistics within the SAP ecosystem. Whether it's Procurement, Materials Management, Engineering, Maintenance, or Configuration Management, our concentration spans across sectors like the Defence Industry, and other Asset-Intensive industries. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of these sectors, tailoring our solutions to ensure optimal outcomes.

While the value of data in facilitating better decision-making is widely acknowledged, several challenges persist:



  1. Quality of Loaded Data: What is the quality of the data being loaded into the ERP system?
  2. Accuracy of Source Data: How accurate is the source data being transformed for loading?
  3. Contextual Relevance: What is the context of the data required to transition to SAP?
  4. Lifecycle Management: What is the accuracy and quality of the data throughout its lifecycle?

Even in 2024, master data transformation is often managed in spreadsheets, a method that is not only outdated but also inefficient. As technologies like IoT and Machine Learning advance, the need to sustain data quality becomes paramount. The adage "Any data is good data until it results in a bad decision" underscores the importance of data integrity in decision-making.

Recognising that not all ERP vendors excel in logistics data management, DASC has partnered with Precisely. Through this partnership, we offer Precisely Automate products, boasting a 15-year pedigree. These products are specifically designed to support Governance, Stewardship, Data Management, and Data Automation tasks. From the initial setup of an SAP system to the entire lifecycle of the data, Precisely Automate ensures efficiency, accuracy, and adherence to the highest standards.

DASC stands as a reliable partner in the complex landscape of ERP implementation. Our focus on SAP logistics solutions, commitment to training, and strategic partnership with Precisely position us as a catalyst for successful and sustainable ERP projects in diverse industries.


Article by Keith Johnson, Managing Director of DAS Consulting Australia

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18 January 2024


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