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The benefits of system automation have long been discussed in the world of manufacturing and heavy industrial, however realising efficiency gains by automating system functions in client facing roles is not something that SMEs often consider. 


There are many service focused industries where business value is rooted in the accuracy of their Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), the consistency of their service, and the goodwill of their customers. 


In order to increase accuracy and consistency, SMEs can consider automating their background functions in areas such as Finance and Logistics, with relative ease as these functions are generally narrow range in scope.  When considering systems automation in the delivery of a service directly to the client there are concerns around being able to provide flexibility to the client, or the client circumstances. 


An example of such a situation would be in the world of financial services, where the needs of a client can be very broad or heavily scoped, depending on the client, and often do not have an identifiable end point. 


In these situations, ensuring that the pre-planning of your CRM is mapped out well will allow the ability for it to be flexible, while realising the efficiency gains of minimising human error.  Setting up a CRM and then allowing the underlying processes to "grow organically" will often reduce any gain in value that was made by changing systems. 


It may seem that ensuring a consistent customer experience won't necessarily fit with bespoke client solutions, but this is not the case.  As with all systems changes, the amount of forethought and effort that is put into the design and process documentation is what will dictate the success of the cutover. 


The question that service industries should be asking themselves, especially in the SME space, is if the value of their business is driven through the experience that their CRM facilitates, then how do they reduce the pinch points that produce friction between the business and the end user?  The solution is to implement a whole of business approach so that all systems and processes work together in unison, realising value for the organisation and adding to the overall client experience. 


If you are looking for a whole of business solution for a better client experience, then call DAS Consulting on (02) 6198 3269.

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22 October 2020


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