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One of the biggest issues with digitally transforming an organisation, especially something as pervasive as an ERP, is the resistance that invariably shows itself through staff.


It is just a fact of life that people don’t like change, and they especially don’t like change that is pushed on them with no consultation. Once your organisation has made the decision to use SAP S/4HANA ERP to improve its business outcomes, you need to ensure every user supports this change.


Managing this change is imperative to maximising the organisation’s return on investment as well as being fully operational as quickly as possible. Your users are likely to be adults, and adults have a particular bias on learning styles in the workplace which must be catered for, otherwise a lack of confidence and understanding will lead to their rejection of your ERP changeover.




To facilitate your changeover to SAP S/4 HANA and build team buy-in as well as business and SAP mastery, DAS Consulting Australia has partnered with Baton Solutions to bring you ERPsim™.


By using the simulation software, ERPsim™, and gamifying the learning process, your users can experience SAP training made simpler, and real world effective. In teams of three to four, each participant plays one or more roles so that all business activities are covered. Teams manage a live business, competing against other teams to gain a competitive advantage and amass the most profit.


The advantages of gamification and simulation are that it not only makes the learning process more enjoyable for your users, and therefore help reduce resistance, but it also allows users to make and learn from (sometimes costly) mistakes in a safe, real life environment.


Increasing adoption of your new ERP at the individual level will increase adoption at the organisational level, and accelerating adoption helps ensure project success and brings forward your return on investment.


Contact us for further information on how DAS Consulting Australia can help accelerate your project success on (02) 6198 3269.

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25 July 2021


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