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Economic theory has historically fallen short when it comes to its theories of human capital and the assumptions of labour mobility.  The development of technology has provided the infrastructure for this to change, but it has taken a pandemic to inscentivise the established system to realise the gains that can be made with a mobile workforce. 


With the death knell of the large corporate offices being sounded off by media around the world, it comes as no surprise that larger corporations are looking to decentralise their IT systems to reduce their costs, and allow for more flexibility in their operations.  For smaller firms there have been anecdotally reported productivity gains amongst their staff that cannot be ignored, and for larger corporations the thought of not having to pay extraordinary sums in leasing floor space is a once unheard of strategy being considered by CFOs. 


By shifting their IT systems from a fixed location and into the cloud, businesses can reduce staff costs, review leases, and ensure that their businesses have reduced exposure to business interruption shocks.  Traditionally, withstanding business interruption shocks, such as terrorist attacks, has relied heavily on the ability of a company to maintain data backups and contingency sites.  These can be prone to human error, and cost prohibitive.   


Upgrading your enterprise resource planning (ERP) to a cloud based system such as SAP S/4 Hana allows for real time processing, no matter where your workforce is located, with all of your data accessible via the cloud.  This means that during a crisis, your contingency site is wherever your employees happen to be.  Workflows can be automated, which reduces the human error element, and the company's data footprint reduced, reducing data storage costs. 


Maintaining the ability to do business by having a strong infrastructure base will allow a company to stay relevant to its customers, as well as provide leadership and support to its employees. 


If you are thinking of making the switching your ERP to the cloud, then DAS Consulting may be able to help.  Call us on (02) 6198 3269 to see if your business is one that can benefit from our experience.

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19 July 2020


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