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Customer centricity isn't a new term.  It is the idea that the customer comes first, and that a successful business focusses on providing the best possible of everything for their clients.  Although this sounds logical, there is a small but important difference between being customer focused, and customer-centric. 


When a business is customer focused, it targets all of its efforts on converting the customer regardless of the product, while the customer-centric model focuses on providing the best experience throughout the supply chain in order to fulfil the customer's anticipated needs. 


In a customer-centric business, the client experience starts at the design phase, and follows through to the post-purchase experience, rather than being reliant on just the sales floor. The customer-centric business develops its products, services, and customer engagement strategies based on giving their very best customer the very best experience. 


To differentiate a business from its competitors using this model, you need data.  And not necessarily just data on your end consumer, but also data on your business itself.  Adding value by adopting a customer-centric approach means that a business needs to know itself, and how things are done, so that any inefficiencies, or barriers to access can be negated.


For example, it doesn't matter how efficient the workshop floor is if it is taking the product is being held up in the design department. Being able to quickly identify a need, design a solution, and then efficiently produce that solution, all at an appropriate price point, is no small ask, so ensuring that your internal systems are smooth, organised, and efficient is important. 


Once the back end of production are working well and talking to each other, the sales floor will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.  It is much easier to sell a product that consumers want, and is well priced, then to try and convert consumers to what you have.  This will allow the sales team to focus on giving the best possible sales experience, rather than investing too much into their "sales pitch". 


The most valuable part of a customer-centric business is the positive feedback loop that is created in regards to data.  If a customer enjoys the product, and had a great purchasing experience, then they are likely to be more open and honest during the post sales experience, which will in turn assist the business to develop more relevant products and services, allowing for another positive customer experience. 


If your current business systems don't provide the customer-centric approach that you would like, then DAS Consulting may be able to help.  Call us on (02) 6198 3269 to see if your business can benefit from our experience. 

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13 July 2020


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