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The future of workplace training


COVID-19 has forced an environment where remote workplaces have become the norm. This has led many companies to consider whether or not, in the post COVID-19 environment, having a remote workforce would be a viable business structure longer term.


One of the potential issues that would need to be addressed is how to effectively train new hires. After all, your current employees (hopefully) already know their jobs; it's maintaining the forward momentum with new staff that may be a problem.


Historically, training has been on the job, and provided by either the outgoing employee, the direct supervisor, or a professional trainer. In most workplaces training has usually been provided on-the-job at the place of employment, or, if the numbers have been there for the same or similar roles, using a training center (complete with death by PowerPoint).


So, how does an organisation train their staff when there is either no centralised office to go to, or the physical office has limited space? One workaround would be to have your trainer and new employee meet at a hired location. Depending on the company's staff numbers, turnover, and the complexity of the role, this could prove to be a practical choice.


But what if the role involves learning how software works? Do you sit on Microsoft Teams all day, and hope that your new employee is understanding what they are seeing? That the person doing the training has the ability to teach through the medium? Or at the very least your new employee is confident enough to ask the questions needed to clarify what they are seeing? 


Another, less considered option would be to use simulation training to replace on-the-job training. Of course, when you mention simulation training in conversation, the mind invariably goes to programs that facilitate pilot training. And you'd be right. Simulation programs as a means of training in the work place are not new, however they have been predominantly been limited to the frontline roles of the Military, Security, and Emergency Services. The idea of transferring this method to a business environment may strike some as odd, however with the increase of gamification in our day to day lives, be it your fitness app, book club, or even your children's e-learning, it's not as huge a leap as you may think. 


Imagine being able to learn the payroll systems of a large organisation, and most importantly make mistakes, without any damage being done. Sometimes knowing what not to do, and why you shouldn't do it, is more important to learn than just doing it as per the manual. Having a simulation program will also ensure that you don't lose the intellectual capital of senior staff when they decide to make their next move. In much the same way as having a professional teach someone to drive, it also takes away the risk that less than ideal practices, or habits, are being passed on from trainer to trainee, even those born out of ignorance. And let's face it, the more complex your operations, or the larger your workforce, the more opportunity there is for the silo effect.


So, whether you are looking at upgrading your end-to-end business systems, upskilling an employee, or training a new hire, providing a safe place for learning will allow your organisation to improve the self-sufficiency of your workforce, and the overall cohesiveness of your team. And for your organisation, that safe space could very well be simulated.


DAS Consulting Australia Pty Ltd is a licensed partner of iSEC7 mobility/GIS and Baton Simulation training. Contact us on (02) 6198 3269 to see if this would be suitable for your organisation.

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18 May 2020


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