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DAS Consulting provides a full range of training and educational services to support your organisational needs, ensuring the successful implementation, enhancement, or sustainment of your SAP solution.


SAP Training and Learning


At DAS Consulting, we recognise that businesses are undergoing rapid transformations that require new methods to accelerate the organisational change that comes with technology implementation.


Traditional Methods


DAS Consulting’s Training and Learning specialists have many years’ experience with Training and Learning aimed at the SAP ERP market.


This experience includes a wide range of tool sets, bespoke methodologies, and management of attendees with Training Needs Analysis and Scheduling of Training.





Digital Acceleration System



Fuel your Digital Transformation!


Digital Acceleration System - a family of capabilities that work together to provide in-application learning, guidance, and support through content and collaboration.


Expensive shelfware, publishing lead time and classroom training are no longer needed. Users can see an end-to-end process on screen, so they understand their role and that of the application transactions in your organisation’s success.


Content Authoring | Performance Support | Business Process Aids | Collaboration


18 February 2020


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We provide ERP services to Defence, Security, Private and Public Enterprises.


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