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Upskilling Risk Management


Risk management is an integral part of business strategy.  With COVID-19 proving that even the most unlikely circumstances can occur, many businesses and Government departments went through the process of drawing up and implementing disaster management plans. 


Now the Pandemic is riding its second wave and the widespread practice of working from home has been extended, it is becoming clearer that many organisations do not have a risk management plan that is integrated across all of its business departments.  For example, although the New Zealand Defence Force is two years into its three year digital transformation program, its website has been down for a week due to hardware failure, with no apparent automatic failover (Saarineen, J.(31 July 2020). Storage Failure Downs New Zealand Defence Websites).   


Other organisations are reporting being disabled by Denial of Service attacks (Telstra's DNS infrastructure), ransomware (CWT), or just system failure (Fair Work Commission).  The digital landscape has changed as much as the physical office space, and organisational risk management needs to adjust to the world of new normal where attempted and possible compromises of IT systems are no longer a possibility but are now a guarantee. 


Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) do not always have the financial resources to man a full IT Department, and will often outsource the responsibility to third party contractors.  Although there is an increased awareness of cybersecurity threats, many in the SME space do not consider integrating their third party contractors into the formation of their risk management plans.  If your business has not already reviewed the risks and appropriate action plans to take across all departments, with the professionals that you outsource to, then now is the time to do so. 


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04 August 2020


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